Liu Guoliang review top 6 players - Tradução

Xu Xin recebe chamada de Liu Guoliang que ficou insatisfeito com seu rendimento...!!!

"Xu Xin's game today has show his full effort. Much better than earlier. It is a pity that you failed to win and get the ticket. That is why I expressed my dissatisfaction to you a few days ago. The main purpose is to sound your alarm. In fact everyone can see that to win a match here is not easy. As a penholder your second game is better than the first. But that is what competition is all about. When you face your chance and failed to grab it like a killer, you will become very passive. So I must say I can see your effort but also see your crisis. You have to be well prepared mentally for the next 4 years. Either I will push you to live or push you to death. You can't just stay half live and half death. As everyone has in fact start to challenge you. " - Liu Guoliang.



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